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A/W 2015 Coat Edition

So here in England it is starting to get pretty chilly and a coat is a must have. Coats are one of my favourite items because it can completely transform an outfit. If you can splash out on a winter coat I would because you're going to be wearing it most of the day. Also, make sure you pick a jacket that is suits the temperature of your climate. My favourite colours to go for are black, grey or tan. Most important, let your coat me a reflection of your style.

So while online window shopping I found a few that caught my eye. These coats vary in prices, starting from £13.99 to £350. The cheapest coat goes too the Black Harrington Jacket (top centre) which is perfect if you live in a warmer climate or if not you can layer a hoodie underneath for more warmth. The most expensive is Paul and Joe Sister Ossian Duffle Coat which is on the far right. This coat has been featured on Zoellas' instagram and I for one have also fallen in love with it's quirky look. The grey fleece makes it look fashionable but still practical so if you've got the money grab it now!

My favourite has to go to the camel coat on the far left. It looks like something Kim Kardashian has but for the fraction of the price (£45?!?! Bargain!). The coat is longer than your average coat which makes anyone look put together without barely any effort. Plus, I'm obsessed with this colour. This coat can be worn to any occasion and still look stylish.

What is your favourite style of coat? Is there one coat you just HAVE to buy? Link it in the comments bellow.



  1. Coats are such a winter essential and depending on which one you choose, you can look so stylish no matter how many times you wear it! All your picks are beautiful, we love them!

    ISA Professional