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The Drops of Youth Sleeping Mask Review

Hi guys, I'm back with another review for you and this time it features a product found in The Body Shop. After hearing Zoella, the beauty sensation, raving about this product back in the summer I decided to hop on the bandwagon and try it out myself. 

The mask has a milky, and as the name would suggest, bouncy texture that you massage into the face at night. The product contains cell-renewing Edelweiss stem cells that make your skin feel "bouncier, smoother, more refreshed, recharged and renewed." It comes with a teeny, tiny spatula which is great as it stops bacteria from your hands going into the product. 

It claims to rejuvenate your skin allowing for a far more youthful face. I'm not sure about that claim as I'm only 21 so I don't really need "youthful" appearance. What I was looking for was a product that would quench my thirsty skin and this product does just that. I have dry/dehydrated skin all year round and I found this product gave me this glow that no other product has been able to do. It is recommended to use every night which I typically do, especially in the winter. This stops my skin feeling tight and dry. I think even normal to oily skin types may even benefit from this product if  used sparingly.

Would I purchase this again? YES! No night cream really gives me the hydration my skin really needs without feeling super slick on my skin. This absorbs into the skin to give a naturally beautiful glow. Should it be on your to buy list? DEFINITELY! What are you waiting for?

What sleeping masks have you tried? Also, let me know what your favourite products from the Body Shop are in the comments below, I'd love to know.


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  1. I've never actually tried a sleeping mask (I'm not a big fan of feeling greasy with too many creams) but this sounds delightful. I might be swayed yet :) great review!


    1. Thank you very much. This product is a great introductory one because it sinks straight into the skin, I mean who wants greasy pillows? Not me! haha

  2. Love your blog. I just follow you. Greetings from Greece. See you around.

  3. Anonymous12/31/2015

    This is a really good review, I also really like the sound of the product x

  4. Thanks for the review! My skin is majorly suffering thanks to this icy weather so I'll give this a go for sure :)
    http://herfashionmemoir.com xx

  5. Great review! I love your blog!

    xx Isabel

  6. definitely gonna try this out :)